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Senior Internal Auditor

Tehran | Finance and Accounting

To implement the requirements of corporate governance, the management of Hezardastan Group needs to oversight accounting data integrity and procedures implemented in the holding company and its subsidiaries to make sure the group’s financial operation is compliant with effective laws and regulations, prepared reports are timely and reliable and effective internal controls are implemented to safeguard group’s wealth. In order to do so, we have structured an internal audit team that reports directly to the management of the holding. This team has the responsibility to prepare audit reports for the whole group in a regular manner. We need a sharp and enthusiastic person to join this team.


  • Examine financial procedures to ensure timely and reliable records of financial events and to detect high-risk areas;
  • Examine and recommend internal controls;
  • Examine accounting books to find errors and fraud to prepare a detailed report with suggestions on resolving the detected problems;
  • Verification of financial statements before submission to external auditors.
  • Holding a Master's degree in accounting, preferably in the field of auditing;
  • Holding a senior auditor certificate from IACPA;
  • Proficient in comprehending and analyzing financial statements;
  • Having a solid grasp of the accounting and auditing standards of Iran;
  • Having a solid grasp of Iran's Tax, Insurance, and Commerce laws and regulations;
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel;
  • Good command of English;
  • One year experience as an internal auditor is a plus.
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Stock options for all employees;
  • Talented colleagues and an interesting work environment;
  • Supplementary health insurance;
  • Generous loans to employees;
  • Various on-site entertainments.